Recliner buying guide

What is a recliner? Where does this word come from? This kind of furniture was originally called “recliner”, which was translated as “bench” in French, but for many years. The word was misused, misspelled, and eventually became “recliner.” The furniture of the recliner originated in the Rococo period of the 17th century in the 15th of Louis, and has been through for centuries. Recliners have become very popular now, because houses have begun to have more open-plan architectural features, which also provide more space for furniture.

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The recliner is a combination. It has the characteristics of combining the sofa bed and the lounge chair. It inherits the design and fine lines of the lounge chair. The recliner is one of the most popular products in home design, so please continue reading the following to learn about the most important recliner buying tips.


In order to be able to figure out which style of recliner is suitable for your house, you need to know where it will be placed. Lounge chairs are usually placed in the family room or bedroom, you can add seats and relax at any time. For this situation, it is best to choose durable materials such as microfiber, canvas or leather.

If the recliner is to be placed outdoors, then you have to choose some sturdy materials, so you will face a variety of choices from hardwood to stainless steel stills. Be sure to choose weather-resistant fabric cushions so that your outdoor recliner maintains an attractive appearance throughout the year.


You have to figure out the function of what you are buying. What will your recliner be used for? If it is for relaxation, then you have to choose a recliner with a backrest and armrests, which can help you relax. If your recliner is multi-purpose, consider using a recliner with different lying positions and rich decorations.

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The design of the recliner itself uses a variety of decorative styles. If your house has a modern decor, consider using a recliner with a chrome base, no armrests, and a lower seat height. Safavieh’s Monroe recliner with round pillows is a great contemporary choice. This resort-style luxurious recliner has a stylish look and is decorated with soft beige tufted velvet velvet, perfect for modern living rooms.

If your house is more traditionally decorated, then you can consider using a deck chair with tufted or full decoration, wooden frame, armrests and higher seating level. The Bibiano Velvet recliner from Moe’s Home Collection is a beautiful traditional style recliner that looks beautiful in the living room or master bedroom. This exquisite lounge chair has exquisite details and is equipped with hand-painted silver nail heads, deep diamond tufts and gorgeous blue velvet decorations.


First you have to consider the size. If you use a recliner to add more seats in a family room, it is likely to accommodate multiple people. In this case, you need to choose a lounge chair large enough to comfortably accommodate two or more people.

If you are going to use a recliner in the bedroom, you will most likely need to read or relax alone. In this case, please choose a recliner that suits you.

The above points are my summary of the reclining chair buying guide, I hope it can help you. All in all, when buying a recliner, you have to start with your own situation, not blindly.

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