The decorative function of the coffee table in the living room

coffee table

The coffee table is like the white shirt in the clothes. Their design is simple, but essentially stylish. They can adapt to any dressing style. With this feature, almost every wardrobe will have at least one white shirt. The coffee table is the same as the white shirt. Every living room cannot do without a coffee table. Although their design styles and materials are different, their decoration is irreplaceable.

Although the coffee table may be expensive due to its large size and high requirements, we also bring you cheap products.
Are you still hesitant to buy a coffee table? So let’s take a look at the reasons why coffee tables should be given priority when buying furniture.

1. They can be in every room of the house

The coffee table is not only the coffee table in the living room.

They can be placed in every corner of your home, from the hallway entrance to the dining room, from the kitchen to the guest room, and even the desk in the home office or the bookshelf in the family room.

coffee table

2. They can easily complete decorative shapes

It only takes 2 steps to complete the decoration with a coffee table:

1.Start with the largest book at the bottom to improve stability, then add 2 more books at the top, using the stack as a base for one or two other items, such as candles, conch shells or marble coaster sets.

2.On a large table, use bookshelves to separate fairly large accessories, such as globes or vases.

Stack several coffee tables in a rimmed tray to lift items such as decorative boxes or bowls above the edges of the tray.

coffee table

3. They can match other furniture better

Interior designers like coffee tables because they can serve as many decorative items. In Peru, a pile of books on a dressing table or desk becomes a chic bookshelf for family heirlooms, jewelry boxes or laptops.

Or take it to the next level: stack about 20 books of similar size next to the sofa or accent chair to create a unique side table. There is a tray on the top, so you can conveniently use the remote control or drink while resting.

Get more books than you know what to do? Grow large and stack up neatly with any clerical posts ranging from 20 to 50. On top is a beautiful potted orchid. When you sit nearby, the flowers will be roughly at the achieved height.

Designer tip: Only use books that are very heavy and almost the same size to create the tallest bookshelf. Otherwise, your stack will look disorganized after careful consideration, or worse, it will dump in the stack.

coffee table

4. They can change with the seasons

By switching the dark and dark books in autumn and winter to light and bright covers in spring and summer, keep all the coffee table books spinning vigorously. Now, without changing anything else in the room, you can achieve instant updates.

coffee table

5. They are suitable for families with children

This is another reason why designers like this design. The coffee table can almost prevent children from entering. Unlike glass paperweights or jagged geodes, dwarves will not cause much harm to themselves, each other, or books that you can’t even lift. This means that coffee table books can be placed on a lower shelf or on a low stool in the study.

coffee table

6. They inject color

The coffee table is a cheap way to add color to the room. Many designers double the colors by creating monochromatic books-for example, all covers are pink covers or all black spine and white fonts.

coffee table

7. They pack personality

No one talks about decorating with matchboxes or finger bowls for a reason. On the one hand, both are obsolete. More importantly, unlike coffee tables, they are small and unassuming.

When you put it down, the coffee table book should hit hard. They are conceived, designed and printed so that they can be admired throughout the room and up close.

They are great conversation starters and can give visitors and dinner guests insight into your interests, whether it is home design, fashion, cooking, wildlife or gardens (many people like to stack coffee table books by theme).

They are the Pinterest boards you master. Next to Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown”, the travel title is Armchair Traveler’s Best Friend, inspiring wanderlust and shopping lists.

coffee table

8. They spread shelves

When designing the bookshelf, the largest coffee table book should be used as the basis. Use them as bookends to hold smaller books and lean them against the bookshelf frame. If they don’t fit on your bookshelf, divide them into groups and maybe leave a small picture frame or souvenir on top of the stack during the trip.

Always remember to place the bookshelf on the bookshelf like a librarian, align the spine of the books with the front of the bookshelf, instead of pushing it all the way to the back.

coffee table

9. They require very little attention

You don’t have to worry about getting it dirty or scratched. They are not delicate leather sofas and do not require regular maintenance.

coffee table

10. They are cheap

Yes, the coffee table of such a large size is indeed expensive, but this coffee table of emd furniture center is not expensive and affordable, with natural wood, walnut wood and deep walnut wood.

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How to decorate the living room with a black leather sofa

The leather in the living room can be enhanced with different decorative styles to create a visual balance for the specific needs of the space. However, this is certainly difficult to achieve. Therefore, the following are 14 styles for decorating the living room with black leather sofas:

1. Scandinavian style


If you want to be pleasing to the eye, please decorate your Nordic living room style. It is famous for its modernity. Features such as eye-catching patterns, metal decorations and hand-made decorations can create a rustic and modern appearance. You can add a momentary sense of simplicity to the black leather sofa by decorating the black leather sofa with bold colorful pillows and placing a matte metal candle holder on the top of the table. Another technique to brighten the Scandinavian interior design style is to add canvases or murals.

2. Mixing old and new


How about a comparison? Well, give it a try and let the old meet the new! Since the black leather sofa is dark, please balance it with light tones to get the ideal contrast. White accents or soft cream pillows, and a light coffee table can achieve the purpose! Ancient wall clocks did a great job in designing black leather sofas. Enter the pottery barn to add a sense of new and old.

3. Mid-century modern style


Do you want to display the spectrum together with natural plants in a bright, modern, and sleek artwork on a pure white wall? This style will definitely create an extremely childish and serene look in the mid-century modern style living room you are looking for. In addition, add a modern floor lamp-in contrast to the black leather sofa, it will stand out in your living room.

4. Industrial style


This includes traditional male characteristics, such as chrome details, rich colors, rich plant life and leather trim. You can add solidity to the black leather sofa by placing a white male pillow in the center. You can also use the monochromatic appearance of the gray watch with a chrome-plated metallic tone. To create a more masculine atmosphere, use earthy tones, sculptural decorations and boring artworks.

5. Fresh style


Are you a nature lover? If so, you will like this style! Fresh green plants are the best way to decorate the fresh style of the living room. Paint palettes from vibrant tones such as decorative tones, vases, colored lights, furniture and interior decoration textures to create an exceptionally gorgeous space.

6. Feminine style


Chandelier! A vase of flowers! Tufted black leather sofa! These are typical female styles. Girls such as pink and pink cushions on the black leather sofa can certainly create an interesting and feminine living room. In addition, a layer of peach-red hue can make the living room look more girlish. And don’t forget to decorate the vase with fresh pink flowers and floral artwork.

7. Copper and black

For the classic style of the living room, try placing a black furry velvet carpet, a metal copper furniture frame and a copper floor lamp. Place a wrought iron candlestick on the side of the black leather sofa. Also, add some black leather lounge chairs.

8. Neutral


Don’t like the color? keep neutral! This color tone adds a sense of fashion to the living room. Introduce subtle shadows through sturdy cushions, which will accentuate the black leather sofa. The fuse in some upholstered furniture with light linen coverings was blown, and then placed on a cream-toned carved carpet. This will help to choose the main color of the living room.

9. Leisure and comfort


Want to make your living room more warm and attractive? Well, please try to put comfortable cushions and pillows on the black leather sofa! A small corner table with lights and plants can also make the room look more casual. Some extra lounge armchairs, bright wall colors and attractive artwork can make your living room more comfortable and make it more welcoming.

10. Victorian style


The Victorian style is somewhat refined and elegant. Add a classic look to the black leather sofa by evoking Victorian images. Put the marble table top with traditional golden furniture and chairs. Your Victorian-era Chesterfield furniture will tell you everything!

11. Bohemian modern style

Did you know that various textures, patterns and bold colors can be used in Boho’s chic living room? Yes, unconventional decorative artwork helps to create a refreshing bohemian space. Try it yourself!

12. Elegant style


By matching magnificent chandeliers and luxurious carpets, evoke the elegant look of the living room. With woodwork, your room looks more ethereal. Some vibrant velvet cushions on the black leather sofa can also create an amazing sense of elegance.

13. Contemporary style


Want to make it look modern and antique? Create a timeless beauty and appeal by adding cute textured wallpaper on the back of the black leather sofa. A single lampshade and several paintings will also envelop your living room with an atmosphere of elegance and mystery.

14. Ventilation style


Of course, you like an airy living room! So, how to panel panels with furniture and furnishings that enhance natural light? You must also choose neutral tones with green and cool blue to create a soothing coastal atmosphere-for best results!


So what are you waiting for? Pick the style that most appeals to you and decorate your living room immediately!